Republican Socialist Prisoners thank IRSP-ALBA

The Republican Socialist Prisoners incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol wish to express their Gratitude and Thanks to their Comrades in the Republican Socialist Movement in Scotland for their help over the past year.  We, the Prisoners, understand that it is difficult to express and promote the RSM principles against a hostile state so we would like to state that we are fully behind our comrades and support them in all their actions/protests/support and fundraising over the past twelve months.  We have taken great pride in what they are doing and their constant communication by cards and letters have given us great strength and belief  that we are not forgotton.  The RSM Prisoners hope that this will continue and wish to encourage all members in Scotland to feel free to communicate with us at any time as we will be grateful and happy to reply.  Again we, the Prisoners want to offer our heartfelt thanks for all their hard work and we hope that our comraderie will continue for as long as it takes.  Slan, PRO, Republican Socialist Prisoners, Portlaoise Prison, Co Laois, Ireland

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