President Obama “Declares war on Palestinian rights”

Obama’s AIPAC speech a declaration of war on Palestinian rights

Please click on the link or image above to read the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s statement on President Obama’s recent speech at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee conference.

IRSP Alba not only wishes to condemn the state of Israel and its attacks on the Palestinian peoples but also to condemn the words of US president Barrack Obama and his outpouring of support for, and declared affinity with, Zionism and Zionist extremists.

Full Obama speech can be found here

IRSP Alba sends solidarity greetings to the People of Palestine, especially those who are living besieged in the open prison that is Gaza city.

IRSP Alba sends solidarity greetings to the Activists of the PFLP and those currently resisting the Israeli occupation and seizures of land.

IRSP Alba calls for the immediate release of Palestinian Prisoners of War of which there are over 7000 currently being held in Israeli prisons. We also call on the Israeli war machine to halt its attacks on Palestine and for an end to the apartheid and blockade of Gaza city.


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