Reasons to Object to Visit of British Queen and President Obama

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Michael O’Connell (Labour), has recently invited both Elizabeth Windsor and Barack Obama to visit our city when they both come to Ireland for state visits in May. The IRSP are strongly opposed to this for the following reasons: The United States Army under Barack Obama’s direction continue to pursue and have intensified illegal wars and occupations in Iraq & Afghanistan. These wars have resulted in a genocide of countless amounts of innocent people.

Elizabeth Windsor’s British Army are the US’s partners in committing this genocide in the Middle East over the last decade. Elizabeth Windsor as Britain’s Head of State and Commander In Chief of the British Army still occupies a part of our own country. Further to this, within recent memory her forces have committed numerous attrocities in Ireland including the murder of many children by way of cold blooded gunshot.

While recently discussing our opposition to the proposed visit of the Queen in the local media, the IRSP have noted the insistence of local media comentators, as well as the establishment parties to call on those opposed to the Queen’s visit to ‘move on’. We are constantly told from those in positions of power here that there is this need to ‘move on’.

However, it is the British and Imperial version of history that is the static one and refuses to move on. Just look at how they continuously repeat lies and falsehoods through their annual war commemorations which happen across Ireland every November. The Republican project was always about moving on beyond that Imperial version of our history and as such we are still the progressive ones. Meanwhile, while Republican groups such as the INLA and the PIRA have abandoned armed struggle as a tactic, and put weapons beyond use, British forces and British weapons continue to kill people on a daily basis.

Now may be a right time to consider who really are the one’s who need to move on? The IRSP call on Cork people to remain steadfast in the knowledge that their calls for ‘moving on’, are in fact a call for capitulation and an abondonment of any idea’s which do not fit the discourse of the powerful.

The IRSP in Alba support our comrades in Ireland by printing this statement by our comrades in Cork.


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