Solidarity with POWs in Maghberry

A note to keep you up to date on the situation in Maghaberry Prison at the minute.

  • The Prisoners are locked up for 23 hours per day.
  • They are getting Strip Searched everytime they leave their cells.
  • Access to the phone is being restricted.
  • They have to eat their meals in their cells.

Due to one of the Prisoners being removed to the Punishment Block, and the brutality of the warders, the others wrecked their cells as a protest.  As a result they no longer have access to running water and sanitation facilities.  After they left their cells for that one hour something was thrown over their beds[liquid] which resulted in them sleeping on the floor having to use alternate methods to go to the toilet.

These are just some of the things the prisoners are going through.  They are only asking for two things:

  • the end to uneccessary degrading Strip Searching and Free Association.

The Prisoner in Punishment has been refused access to All visits, phone and Showers.


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